Here is Our List of the Most Addicting Games in the World

Here is Our List of the Most Addicting Games in the World

We’ve made a list of the most addicting games for you to chose and play. If you’ve played many video games, then you should already be aware of how some games are just much more addictive than the rest. We’ve seen players play these games for thousands of hours, and we’re sure that you’ll be spending at least a couple of hundred on them as well.

Now then, here are the top addictive games you’d want to play again and again:

· League of Legends

· Dota 2

· Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

· Minecraft

· Fortnite


· Dark Souls

· The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

· Sekiro

· World of Warcraft

· Clash of Clans

· Path of Exile

· Team Fortress 2

· Overwatch

· Candy Crush Saga

· Pokemon GO

· Animal Crossing

· The Sims

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are video games so addicting?

The main reason that video games are so addictive is that, they are designed to be addictive. Most online games that are played with other players are so addictive because they have no end. So, to get better at the game, most people would spend hours and hours on it.

What are some addicting games?

There are plenty of addictive games out there. Counter-Strike:

Global Offensive, PUBG, Fortnite, Dota 2, and League of Legends is a few of them. All these games have in common is that they have no ending, and you can keep playing with other online players for thousands of hours, and each time the game will have a different outcome in one way or the other. On the other end, there are also games like Minecraft, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Dark Souls, Sekiro, and The Sims 4. You can keep playing these games for hours just because of how relaxing most of them are, or just because of the feeling you get when you defeat a difficult boss.

How to beat escape the dungeon on addicting games?

Follow these easy steps to beat “escape the dungeon” from

1. After you’re done with the animated introduction, look at the skeleton bones on the floor then take the wooden bat.

2. Take the saw-blade on the left seat and the pen from the hanging skeleton. Click the pen a few times, and you will get a spring.

3. Go right to the bedroom, take the red book from there. Read the book. Notice the code on bed “9382” and the order of the words: “Elated,”Surprising”,” Frightened,” “Irritating.”

4. Zoom in and move the pillow on the bed. You will get a magazine. Read it to get a Key.

5. Open the middle drawer on the left to take the screwdriver.

6. Go left from there and zoom in on the 4 pictures of the scientists that you saw earlier on the book. Remember the color order? Now tap the color buttons in the correct order of the words you saw earlier. Blue” elated”, Yellow “surprised” and Red “Irritating.”

7. If you did everything correctly, the elated scientist would move one of his eyes, zoom in on it to take the big key.

8. Go back to the dungeon room where you started. Zoom in on the hanging skeleton and unlock his arm using the big key. A panel will be revealed; open it to get the silver key.

9. Go right to the first-aid room and open the first-aid cabinet using the silver key. Take the crowbar and the puzzle from there.

10. Open the fuse-box using the screwdriver you got from the drawer. Remove the broken fuse and use the spring to jump the power.

11. Turn on the switch. Now zoom in on the sink, take the cup and fill it with water.

12. Go left and focus on the PC, turn it on and use the code 9382 on it. Note the name Roy G. Biv.

13. Open the puzzle box using the colors of the name. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo (Roy G Biv)

14. Take the pill from inside. Add the pill to the cup of water.

15. Go to the bedroom and zoom in on the door. Use the crowbar to remove the planks and use the key from the magazine to unlock the door. Take the tape.

16. Go to the start room. Zoom in on the burglar bars. cut the bars with the saw-bat. Tap on the opening, and you can escape.